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Tag Archives: horror

Password: challenge142

You Never Can Win

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Password: reagent

Herbert Kanye West

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Password: lauriestrode

Portrait of a survivor.

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Password: vampires

If Drac is a DJ, death is a dance floor, blood is the rhythm, your screams are the music.


Slippery Slope on Vimeo.

Password: summerisle

Sgt. Howie comes to Summerisle in search of a missing girl.


Let’s Go to the Mall on Vimeo.

Password: sparkles

OMG! Let’s, like, totally engage in a criticism of conspicuous consumption! With zombies! Totally!


David Cronenberg on Vimeo.

Password: shapeofrage

Visceral sexuality in cinema (or, alternately, SexyGuts).


Password: babydrew

Fire and feels.


Password: pureofheart

The tragic life and death of Lawrence Talbot.


Password: merman

The Ultimate Post-Modern Experience in Grueling Terror

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