echan made some vids

Making The Fellowship
Song: Endless Summer by Scooter
Source: Lord of the Rings: Fellowship of the Ring Extended Edition Special Features
Warnings: None
Summary: We all came together, a fellowship of craftsmen, artists and engineers, to make the Fellowship of the Ring.
Released: Festivids 2011 - 2012 (view/leave comments here or here or here)
Download: MakingTheFellowship.LotR.Scooter.echan.mp4 (72.5MB, H.264 codec)

Song: Separation by Robert Miles
Source: Threshold pilot episode (part 1 only)
Warnings: Insects, nosebleeds, strobe-like flashes, brief gore
Summary: An extraterrestrial object appeared off the bow of a naval freighter.
Released: Festivids 2011 - 2012 (view/leave comments here or here or here)
Download: Propagation.Threshold.RobertMiles.echan.mp4 (27.4MB, H.264 codec)

A Meditation on Genius and Scientific Discovery; Containing Elucidations of the Most Trying Aspects of Learning and Experimentation, with Full Explanations Given of the various Types of Genius be they Careful, Reckless, or Evil; Together with Numerous Illustrations of Successful Demonstrations of Applied Brilliance
Song: Beethoven's Symphony #7, First Movement, performed by the Chicago Symphony Orchestra conducted by Georg Solti
Source: Real Genius
Warnings: Lasers, theft, fire, theoretical murder
Summary: See title.
Released: Festivids 2011 - 2012 (view/leave comments here or here or here)
Download: MeditationOnGenius.RealGenius.Beethoven.echan.mp4 (47MB, H.264 codec)

Archetypal Sins
Song: A Better Place by VAST
Source: Se7en
Warnings: All the same as the film - blood, gore, implied violence & rape, gunshot
Summary: Two detectives are coerced into participating in a practical demonstration of the seven deadly sins.
Released: Festivids 2011 - 2012 (view/leave comments here or here or here)
Download: ArchetypalSins.Se7en.VAST.echan.mp4 (17.5MB, H.264 codec)

The Great & Powerful Kelsi
Song: All Star by Smashmouth
Source: High School Musical
Warnings: Seriously? It's the Disney channel. Bright colors and overachieving teenagers.
Summary: Kelsi puts on a show. Her job would be much easier of everyone realized she's the one in charge.
Released: Festivids 2011 - 2012 (view/leave comments here or here or here)
Download: GreatPowerfulKelsi.HSM.Smashmouth.echan.mp4 (12.2MB, H.264 codec)

Milk On The March
Song: Comrades of the Legion, composed by John Philip Sousa, performed by the United States Marine Corp Band
Source: Fedflix and Prelinger Archives videos, details in video
Warnings: none
Summary: Cows! Milk! Yay!
Released: Announced on the internet October 8 2011 (view/leave comments)
Download: MilkOnTheMarch.echan.mp4 (31.9MB, H.264 codec)

Leave You Far Behind
Song: Leave You Far Behind by Lunatic Calm
Source: Degrassi: TNG
Spoilers: episodes 2x1 and 2x2
Warnings: child abuse and suicide
Summary: Craig uses his camera to insert himself into his step-sister's life with her dad, but Craig's dad won't stand for it. (family tree)
Released: Announced on the internet August 19 2011 (view/leave comments)
Download: (39.2MB, H.264 codec)

Wil Wheaton's Been Busy
Song: Wil Wheaton by Jonathan Coulton
Source: credits in vid
Spoilers: Nothing
Warnings: Nothing
Summary: Wil Wheaton is the Secretary of Geek Affairs, but that doesn't mean he doesn't love you.
Released: VividCon 2011 Premiers Show (view/leave comments)
Download: WilWheatonsBeenBusy.JoCo.echan.mp4 (30.7MB, H.264 codec)

Suit Vid
Song: Nothing Suits Me Like a Suit from the tv show How I Met Your Mother
Source: White Collar
Spoilers: Through Season 2 Episode 8
Warnings: Nothing
Summary: Nothing suits Neal like The Suit.
Released: Announced on the internet November 12 2010 (view/leave comments)
Download: SuitVid.WhiteCollar.HIMYM.echan.avi (28.6MB, DivX codec)

Song: Fireflies by Owl City
Source: District 9
Spoilers: Entire movie
Warnings: prejudice, intolerance, blood, violent imagery, gunshots, medical experimentation, self injury
Summary: Wikus loses the good life, but gains friends and learns what is worth fighting for.
Released: Announced on the internet late August 2010 (view/leave comments)
Download: Fireflies.District9.OwlCity.echan.avi (38.7MB, DivX codec)

Wedding Vid
Sources: Addams Family, Coupling, Doctor Horrible, Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde (1931), Doctor Who / Prime Computers, Farscape, Firefly, How I Met Your Mother, Mallrats, Modern Times, Much Ado About Nothing (1993), Pirates of the Caribbean: At World's End, The Princess Bride, Star Wars: Return of the Jedi, That 70's Show, Torchwood, Wall-E, Wonderfalls
Spoilers: relationship bits from Coupling, Farscape, How I Met Your Mother, Mallrats, Modern Times, Much Ado About Nothing (1993), Pirates of the Caribbean: At World's End, That 70's Show, and Torchwood.
Warnings: excessive adorableness and schmoop
Summary: Clips from media we love, plotting the course of an odd relationship
Credit: Timeline by echan; Jetpack did the clipping
Released: Announced on the internet late June 2010 (view/leave comments)
Download: wedding.vid.echan.jetpack.avi (39MB, DivX codec)

Dream On
Song: Dream On by Depeche Mode
Source: Criminal Minds (vid contains none of the regular cast)
Spoilers: Episode 3x10 True Night
Warnings: blood and violent imagery
Summary: What would you do for love? How far would you go, if pushed?
Released: Announced on the internet late August 2009 (view/leave comments)
Download: DreamOn.echan.avi (45MB, DivX codec)

Song: Swallowed (Goldie Mix) by Bush
Source: Bring It On
Spoilers: none
Warnings: cheerleading uniforms
Summary: (AU) The new girl shows Torrence her doubts are true.
Released: Premiere, Bechdel Test Vidshow, VividCon 2009
Download: Swallowed.BringItOn.echan.avi (31MB, DivX codec)

Smart Con
Song: Smartbomb by BT
Source: Hustle
Spoilers: minor bits of seasons 1-3
Warnings: none
Summary: Every long con is built from numerous elements.
Released: Premiere, Club Vivid, VividCon 2009
Download: smart-con.echan.avi (32MB, H.264 codec)

All songs and source video copyright the respective copyright holders. These vids are a nonprofit noncommercial transformative creative work that actually increase interest and sales of included media.