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…or don’t.

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Just Busby Berkeley Vibes

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Password: reagent

Herbert Kanye West

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Password: macgyver!

Flirter by assassination. (MacGyver/Murdoc)

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Password: gojira

The sun rose from the West today. I doubt we’ll see it set.

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“An Action Girl is a female Badass who is just as tough and kicks just as much butt as the guys do. … Expect regular appearances in action scenes, facing dangerous foes and deadly obstacles, and expect her to win.” — TV Tropes

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Password: iamthatxtina

A love story. With plagues. (sorrynotsorry)

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Portrait of a survivor.

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“Is there any crew on this ship?” “Why, yes. There is one from Earth, from Saturn, from Mercury, from Uranus, and from Andromeda.”


You set out on a journey that wasn’t your own. Now, it’s time to find a path that is truly yours.